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"Caregiving has many layers. It requires endurance, listening skills, humility, open mindedness, flexibility, wisdom, empathy, managerial skills, problem solving skills, healthy choices, rest, outlets, support and in many ways, the needs similar to those we care for, except that we have to be willing to be the strength BEHIND the patient."  Stephen W., MPN Caregiver, click here to read his story

MPN Advocacy & Education International understands the vital role caregivers play in the well-being of an MPN patient.  We can help provide you with information, resources and support as you navigate the many layers of your responsibilities.  As part of the MPN Education Programs we host for patients and caregivers, we offer Caregiver Breakout Sessions to allow caregivers to ask questions and discuss their concerns in a private and comfortable environment.  Please check the Events Page,, to register for one of our upcoming programs and feel free to contact us with any questions, click here to call or email our staff.