Treatment Decision Support Tool Analysis Suggests Many Clinicians Suboptimally Manage Patients With PV and MF

Many clinicians suboptimally manage patients with polycythemia vera (PV) and myelofibrosis (MF), according to an analysis of data captured from an online tool developed by Clinical Care Options (CCO) in collaboration with a panel of PV and MF experts. The analysis was presented by Ryan Topping, PhD, at the 59th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia.

Treatment for PV and MF continues to be refined, resulting in educational gaps for many healthcare providers (HCPs) who manage these conditions. In collaboration with a panel of PV and MF experts, CCO developed an online treatment decision support tool to assist HCPs in making optimal management choices for patients with PV and MF. HCPs were asked to enter patient case details into the decision support tool and were surveyed on their intended treatment for the case. They were then provided with management choices for that case from the expert panel.

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