Intimacy and MPNs: Opening Up the Conversation

View Details of the 3rd Annual Women & MPN Conference September 29, Los Angeles, CA

Over the last few years, with the creation of the Women & MPN programs, a vocal patient advocacy network and focused research, we’ve discovered the differences in how men and women are impacted by  MPNs.

Many women have expressed their discomfort discussing intimacy and sexual issues with their physicians. Some physicians have told us that little training in sexual health and intimacy are available, yet it can be the one thing that bonds the patient and their partner in a positive way. MPN studies placed intimacy as a major quality of life issue. While patients receive information and guidance on diet, exercise, treatment options and other healthy lifestyle choices, rarely is intimacy or sexual health discussed.

MPN Advocacy & Education International sent out a request for questions from female patients who were not comfortable asking their physicians. We weren’t surprised by the response. All of their questions were sent to our MPN specialists who will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Women & MPN program in Los Angeles on September 29th.  Men are very welcome to attend this program. A lively panel discussion will follow the presentations and a caregiver breakout session is being offered.

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